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Cambrils, the heart of the Costa Dorada

Cambrils seafront Spain boats and buildings Tarragona Province Catalonia Mediterranean sea and sky

Welcome to the ultimate nautical experience on the Costa Dorada

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey along the stunning Costa Dorada and Terres de l’Ebre from the sea? Look no further, because you are at the heart of it all: Cambrils, a coastal paradise that promises an unparalleled nautical adventure.

Located just 20 kilometers south of Tarragona, Cambrils stands as a beacon of tourist and gastronomic excellence on the Costa Dorada. This picturesque fishing village invites you to enjoy a weekend getaway or a relaxing vacation, while enjoying the wonders of the sea.

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A gateway to coastal bliss

Cambrils offers a wide range of tourist possibilities for families, sportsmen, culture and sea lovers. From exquisite gastronomy to carefully selected accommodation, from commerce to nautical activities, this coastal town offers an exclusive getaway like no other.

As the starting point of your journey, Marina Cambrils welcomes you with open arms and guides you into a world of maritime charm. It is not only a seaside destination; it is the best point from which to start different sailing routes along the captivating Costa Dorada.

With more than 10 kilometers of unspoiled beaches, Cambrils offers a wide variety of relaxing activities, none more enticing than a leisurely boat ride. The serene waters and year-round good weather create an idyllic setting for families, couples and groups to sail, explore and relax.

Sail Away: Your personal oasis

  • Embark on a captivating sailing route that will take you to the Gulf of Sant Jordi, nestled next to the Ebro Delta and stretching all the way to the Riudecanyes stream.
  • Sail the route to Cape Salou from Tarragona in a family-friendly paradise that offers calm waters and picturesque coves. Explore treasures such as Cala Morisca, Cala Vinya and the emblematic Salou Lighthouse.
  • A trip connecting Cambrils and L’Ametlla de Mar is a must for every traveler. L’Ametlla, also known as La Cala, captures the essence of traditional Mediterranean fishing villages. Its unspoiled coves, such as Cala Forn and Cala Calafató, are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.
  • Imagine waking up to the gentle swaying of the sea, a picturesque lighthouse in sight, flamingos flying overhead and mountains in the distance, all illuminated by a magical light. This dream comes true in the Ebro Delta Natural Park, just under 20 miles from Marina Cambrils.
Puesta de sol en el Delta del Ebro
Llevant Beach, Spain. Salou is a major destination for sun and beach for European tourism.
Playa Illot del Torn Ametlla de mar beach
Tranquil Scene during Sunset with Flamingos at the Ebro Delta, Spain

So that you can feel what it really means to sail along the Costa Dorada, here is a perfect route starting and ending at “our home”:

1. A feast for the senses

Wander along the cozy promenade of Cambrils, which will lead you to extraordinary gastronomic experiences. Savor the local catch prepared by expert hands, paired with a glass of Terra Alta Garnacha Blanca. As the evening draws in, engage in unhurried conversation while taking in the enchanting views of the promenade.

2. A day of serene exploration

At sunrise, enjoy the tranquility of the sea and head to l’Illot cove, located between l’Ametlla de Mar and Perelló. Glide at your own pace, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and the coves of Hospitalet de l’Infant and Ametlla de Mar. When you reach l’Illot, you will discover a true paradise: a secluded cove with turquoise waters, presided over by a charming Mediterranean farmhouse.

3. Sailing with the wind

While the morning sun dances on the water, a light breeze from the south invites you to set sail. Leave the cove behind and head for the Fangar lighthouse, where clear waters and mussel beds await you. Feel the embrace of nature as you sail, contemplating the impressive surroundings and delighting in the calm.

4. The embrace of nature

Drop anchor in the protective embrace of Fangar Bay as the sun sets over the horizon, casting a warm orange glow. The scene is embellished by the graceful flight of flamingos as you dine under the watchful eye of the lighthouse. Immerse yourself in this tranquil environment and venture out on a paddle surf to the wild beach, sharing space with the delta birds.

5. The journey back home

As the sun rises, the journey home begins. Sailing along the coast, a panorama of natural wonders unfolds – from the distinctive landscape of the delta to the towering mountains in the distance. Finally, you will return to Cambrils, with a heart full of memories and a yearning to explore even more of this captivating coastline.

6. Farewell for now

As you leave your maritime refuge behind, the marina of Cambrils and the Marina Cambrils team welcome you with a warm smile. You disembark, but the memories remain: crystal clear waters, secluded coves and the soothing rhythm of the sea. Recall the culinary delights of the weekend, the wonders of nature and the jewels discovered on the coast of southern Tarragona.

Marina Cambrils: navegar en la Costa Dorada

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Discover the hidden paradise

Sailing along the Costa Dorada is more than a journey, it is a privilege, an opportunity to explore unspoiled corners of paradise. Marina Cambrils is your gateway to this world of beauty and tranquility. Let the gentle waves take you to destinations you’ve only dreamed of and experience the Costa Dorada like never before.

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Your coastal getaway awaits

Marina Cambrils and the Costa Dorada welcome you to embark on a maritime adventure that will stay with you forever. Experience the lure of the sea, the charm of secluded coves and the magic of a Mediterranean sunset. Book your nautical getaway today and set sail for memories that will last a lifetime.